About Me


I’m Sydney- a photographer, travel enthusiast, nature lover and craft connoisseur. I have a wild, crazy family and I am especially fond of my daughter Isla.

I fell in love with photography at a young age, and once in high school found myself running off to the dark room every chance I got!

I graduated from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado with a degree in Art and Business with an emphasis in photography. I find myself longing to travel to every corner of the world, but am always eager to get back to my home in Juneau, Alaska.

I am especially fond of wedding, portrait, boudoir, engagement, and lifestyle photography.

My goal is to always become a storyteller through my images.

I believe in giving everyone the chance of having an affordable photographer without skimping on quality and service.

I strive to capture every photo shoot in a different and unique way that most reflects my clients. Each photo shoot includes a thought process and planning so the client receives the photographs they desire.

I have recently ventured into videography and am happy to offer wedding films as well as photography coverage to my clients. I believe that videos capture another element of emotion and documentation that really adds to the nostalgia looking back on your big day!

How Would you Describe Your Style?

I believe my style can be best described as organic. I love to use the most natural and ideal lighting for each of my shoots. I strive to find the intimate moments that would otherwise go unnoticed, to create an album with a range of emotions.

What’s Your Inspiration?

My inspiration is my clients. Every couple, new family, or high school senior is different in their own unique way. Styles and trends are constantly changing so to capture what’s current, unique and important to you is what I strive for.