Two of You

Note: These sessions aren’t designated for only before your wedding day. Anybody can do one of these, at any time, engaged, married, dating or best friends!

I do however love the idea of doing an engagement session before the wedding.

It’s a great way for us to get comfortable working together and will help calm your nerves being photographed on your wedding day. This is also an important time for you to get an understanding of what it is like to work with me!

I want these sessions to have a personal aspect by reflecting your personality and who you are as a couple.  It’s important for these sessions to really mean something to you, I find that some engagement sessions don’t always have a personal aspect to them. Some are too staged and have too much expectations.

What I will strive to capture is the real and raw character of your relationship.

So that’s why I want to offer something a little different by replacing the engagement sessions with another, slightly different kind of session. Taking the best elements of engagement sessions and throwing away the worst.

These will be called the Two of You.

The “Two of You is a photography session where I will focus on what the couple loves. I want to make sure you and your personalities are captured.

This session can be as simple as having a latte at your favorite local coffee shop, setting up a camping scene, riding your bikes or a walking through your favorite market. It doesn’t have to be some epic adventure. I just want to photograph you in your element.

It can be anything, really, as long as it’s significant to the Two of You.


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